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classicracer, 66 years old


I was happily married for many years until that lovely woman succumbed to cancer at only 48. As I liked being married I thought I would try again and that girls was my huge mistake. I have just received my decree absolute after two years wrangling. She, having never contributed penny one walked away with 60% of my house in Richmond and a nice monthly payment to boot. Because I had kept her for ten years I'm expected to keep doing it! The law is an ass and no mistake.
I keep fit by cycling (ex trackstar) (should I post a grainy pic and say it was yesterday?) and weight training but spend far too long sitting drinking coffee ! (no longer by the river as I had to move to the boonies!)


Tall and I'm told very handsome. I look ten years younger.

My interests

I build and race motorbikes. I am not (God forbid) a 'biker'. My nails are clean and I drive a car. No Harley, no tats, and no beer belly.
Just looking again at these pics, I've been cycling my *rse off since lockdown so there is a bit less of me


Age66 years old


Marital statusdivorced

Educationuniversity graduated

LocationUnited Kingdom, England, Surrey, Guildford, Ash South and Tongham, Farnham

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Appearence & character

SmokingI don't smoke

AlcoholI do not drink

Children.I don't want to have



Hair colorother

Eyes colorgrey

Find of movie action, horror, comedy, romantic comedy, psychological, s-f

Vacation in my country, outside my country, by the sea side, exploring new places

I can communicate in english

What are you looking for? long-term relationship